My name is Arusekk. Not a real name, but I find it the most real for me online. This is a blog where I write about computer programming and some unpopular opinions. Currently some posts are available in English only, some are in Polish only.

Facebook messenger custom reactions

Well, not exactly custom, but you can basically put any string there. This is a Javascript snippet that makes it possible to change a :hugging_face: into :people_hugging:. You can of course change it to turn nearly any emoji to any other emoji. You can execute it for example by pressing F12 and pasting it in the command line. WARNING: read the code before pasting! if I was a cybercriminal I could take over your account; this technique is called Self-XSS....

December 20, 2023

Tech vs religion

The idea came to me after I read two books one after the other, and they had unexpectedly many observations in common. Hejtoholik (“Hateaholic”) by Michał Wawrzyniak, a Polish artist-mentor-entrepreneur, written using psychological language, and Fear Fighters by Jentezen Franklin, an American pastor (polish translation: “Zwycięstwo nad strachem”) written using christian language. I am going to describe my observations about religion in general, but I will focus on catholic faith, which I believe in, although I suspect most of what I write here will still hold concerning many different denominations, especially those christian and middle east....

August 20, 2023

Rant on TLS PKI

I like modern cryptography. I quite understand some bits of it, since I had an excellent university course on that, and while the rest feels pretty magic, these are my thoughts that should be understood by anyone. My general opinion is that encryption is a mistake in most cases, but digital signatures make true sense to me, and I will focus on them. If someone gives you much data, they know more than you....

July 21, 2022

Die, IPv4, just die already!!!1!

IPv4 has been invented in the eighties. IPv6 has quickly followed in the nineties, exactly after fourteen years of IPv4 practical application. It’s been nearly 30 years since then, and we’re still stuck with IPv4. Stuck? The main problem with IPv4 is its 32-bit addressing. It limits the Internet to 4 billion true participants (in practice even less, because of reserved address ranges, broadcast addresses, masks, and so on): less than half the world population!...

January 10, 2022

My domain is my castle

So here it is! arusekk.pl is finally mine. Buying a domain is straightforward. All I did was find the registry of my favorite TLD (which is .pl for Poland), registry maintained by NASK, reachable at dns.pl. There at the list of registrars I narrowed down the list to those supporting IPv6 domain delegation (I had yet to know what it means, but I thought that it would be better to have it), DNSSEC (which I knew was something important), and that the registrar must be a Polish entity....

March 23, 2021